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What do the job dot's mean in SM8 (Service M8 for Job Scheduling)

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Why does the red dot mean so much?

If you don't take not of the Red Dot,

you are potentially missing out on not only doing the job, but actually billing the job out after it has been done. If it hasn't been completed, queued or rescheduled to another day, where is it?

The red dot indicates that the job has recently moved back into the unscheduled list after being scheduled or allocated to a staff member without any outcome recorded.

Hovering over the job will tell you whom the job was allocated to and the date it was allocated.

The red dot essentially means that this job requires action, It either needs to be:

  • Re-allocated or scheduled if the job wasn't completed.

  • Placed in a queue if the job requires parts, needs time before more work can continue, etc.

  • The status updated to "complete" if the job is done so it can be invoiced.

What does the yellow dot mean?

The yellow dot indicates that the job is either in a queue or has just left a queue.

Hovering over the dot will tell you which queue the job is in and when it will leave that queue when it left that queue.

The blue dot

The blue dot indicates that the staff member you allocated the job to has not opened the job yet. (in other words, it has the potential to be missed altogether, or at the least, you could have a very cranky client)

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