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Totally Obligation Free 


ServiceM8 is a cloud based program designed to make booking jobs and scheduling field workers and customers without creating havoc to your accounting processes.

We're for Small Business

Manage your Jobs

All your job information at your fingers tips all the time. Allow employees to access important job information.

On Site Payments

Take Payment immediately on site. No more debt collections and late payments. Its as easy as a tap and go system

Assign Jobs to Staff

The Drag and Drop feature allows easy allocation of work to specific staff with a click of a button. Its easy to keep an eye on staff's schedule.

Job History & Images

Access excellent client and job History, photos and correspondence. With a very strong search facility.

Quotes & Invoicing

Produce a professional invoice or quote from the office or on the go. Instantly send them off straight from site.

Forms & Reports

Staff can complete swms and other job forms on site or complete & send assessment reports to clients. 

Totally Obligation Free 


Limited Time Only

Why Choose Us?

Create Forms

We can create or improve your existing forms and integrate them into your Service M8 account for easy access

Invoice Templates

We can design and create both Invoice templates and Quote proposals with easy to use correpondence templates.

Automation & Sync

We can sync your service m8 to your accounting package & help import material lists or create new lists and bundles

24/7 Support

We Offer face to face training, set up and ongoing support to help you get started and keep you on track and winning 

Where Functionality meets flexibility.... ServiceM8 Almost manages itself.

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