ServiceM8 is a cloud based program designed to make booking jobs and scheduling field workers and customers without creating havoc to your accounting processes.

Are you looking for that perfect Job management system ?

1) Ensure you aren't missing any costs to be billed out

2) Keep track of your work in progress and To do List

3) Book your staff's schedules on the run

4) Invoice on the Job site

5) Take payments on the Job site

6) Quote on the run

7) Have all your Customer contacts accessible all the time

ServiceM8 is your Answer !

Are you looking for the system to sync Automatically with your accounting program with no need to double enter data or costly accounting bills?  

ServiceM8 is your Answer !

ServiceM8 will synchronise with Xero, Myob, Quickbooks and more, Saving you Time, Memory, Stress and Administration costs.  

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Where Functionality meets flexibility.... ServiceM8 Almost manages itself.

What Customers are Saying


AMAZING ! IF WE CAN DO IT, ANYONE CAN Highly recommended - Plumber


I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TIME NOW !  Highly recommended - Electrician


I'M NOW CLOUD SAVVY & RUNNING ON TIME!  Highly recommended - Pool Technician

  1. Book and schedule jobs with just a few clicks, or drags

  2. See where other staff are in REAL Time.    Send the closest staff member off to that Emergency Job

  3. Know where your staff are during the working day

  4. Locate Clients and staff with one click with Google Maps

  5. Reoccuring jobs are easily rescheduled for the appropriate date

  6. Email and SMS clients - keeping them up to date with your progress ETA

  7. Print work sheets, quotes, invoices and more

  8. Authomatic Job Numbering 

  9. Intergration  & syncronisation with established and reliable Accounting and Bookkeeping Software, Xero, Myob & Quickbooks (No double handling)

  10. Contacts are syncronised

  11. Track Payments

  12. Receive Credit card payments with optioned Add on

  13. Unlimited Uses

  14. Attached documents and job photo's - Easily send these off with the invoice for verification of works completed

  15. Job notes & Job History

  16. Digital Client signatures obtained and recorded with the job

  17. One click invoicing

  18. The ability to customise templates and inventory prices.