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How to attach files while reconciling

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Why should you attach files when reconciling?

Attaching files while you reconcile does your filing for you. By attaching receipts and invoices to your transactions as you reconcile them, you are saving yourself the headache of going back through the old shoe box.

It also helps save time (fees) when your accountant or bookkeeper is reviewing & preparing Bas and Year End for you.

To actually attach these files just follow the steps below:

It's simple!

Steps to follow when logged into Xero (Remember: Not the app)

  • Within the bank reconciliation screen, find the transaction you're trying to attach your receipt / invoice to

  • Make sure you're on the create page of that transaction

  • Tap add details on the bottom right of the transaction window

  • Click the blue paper icon at the top right of the new transaction window

  • Choose either "add from file library" on the left if you have already uploaded your file to Xero. Or the "upload files" option on the right if the file is still only stored on your device

  • You can preview the uploaded Xero files by clicking on the name of one of the files and clicking the arrow on the right of the preview window to view the next file

  • Select the pdf or jpeg (receipt) from whichever file destination you have stored the receipt

  • Take note of the name of the file you wish to attach as you now have to close the preview window and select the file using its name alone.

  • Once selected, press the green add x file/s button to attach

TOP TIP: If you have two screens, you can open these files in another window by clicking the organisation drop-down at the top left and selecting files as discussed in the how to upload files guide. Drag the selected image from that screen to the other rather than selecting either add from file library or upload files and following that process.

To Watch TV.Xero to assist you click here: TV Xero How to Attach Files

Refer to How to upload your files to Xero to make your filing life easier


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